An avid reader from a very early age, Diane found equal enjoyment in writing. Her first works included short stories, poetry, and articles before she ventured into the world of blogging and now fiction and non-fiction books.

Diane draws her writing from her many interests. She might be found watching a Star Trek movie (for the ninth time!) while creating new healthy vegan recipes. Although she loves life on their family organic farm, she does enjoy venturing into town for the occasional Japanese dinner or bowling league night. Her reading varies from a variety of non-fiction to favorite fiction genres such as sci-fi, dystopian, and historical fiction.

Her family and her beloved pets are most cherished to her. She has a deep passion for helping others and finds that often the best help is to just be a good listener.

Diane lives in Christmas, Florida with her husband of 36 years, five of their nine children and the family pets.


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