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KannCeptualCreations is the host for

The original and Giclée prints from Fanta Sillah’s artwork.  See paintings, sketches, and other media on genuine Gambian materials at the KCC website.

When you purchase

artwork or books from the KannCeptualCreations website, you are helping the people of Yonna. Profits from the sales go toward education and related costs.


Investing in Fanta’s artwork

While profits help with education in Yonna now and in the future, your art purchase may prove to be a worthy investment in itself. Fanta is a young artist developing her incredible talent. While we cannot guarantee any purchase will increase in value over time, the possibility certainly exists as she makes her mark in the world of art. Supporting her artwork may also be a smart investment for you!



Fanta’s Art portrays real life as well as her imagination

A young woman in an impoverished country, Fanta has not had the opportunity to travel far beyond her village and nearby area. Much of her artwork depicts Yonna and nearby villages. However, she draws upon her interests and dreams to create some art well beyond what she has ever experienced, too.  Her creativity and sensitivity shines through her art talents. We are sure you will feel the impressions and experiences she brings to her artwork!



Fanta’s plans

include coming to the USA to study nursing. Some of the funds raised by the sale will go toward Fant’s education. She plans to become a skilled RN in an effort to help others. Fanta has seen many in her country die from very preventable illnesses. She hopes to provide needed medical help. While she continues to raise the needed funds, she studies toward college credits. We believe this strong yet caring young woman will fulfill her dream of providing medical assistance to others.  <read more about Fanta here>


Special Meet the Artist Event <see details here>

We are planning a very special event when Fanta can finally travel. We hope you will join us to celebrate her success and encourage her future success as a nurse. See <Events> for details.

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