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As an author, I am always tuning in to my readers. When Living By Faith readers asked me how they could develop their faith, I wrote, GROW YOUR FAITH, 7 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR FAITH.

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Do you enjoy reading or writing short stories, poems, and other short prose? Join us at Writer’s Trail!  Writers may submit their original work at no cost. We have contests and opportunities for publication, too. Prefer just reading? We have that covered, too! Readers enjoy fresh content by writers in a variety of genres. All is family-friendly, so you don’t need to block access for younger family members. If you’d like to submit your writing, head on over to Writer’s Trail.



Looking for some great tips and recipes for baked goods? We have them at Best Baking Tips. Breads, cookies, pastries, and more- if it is baked, it fits into Best Baking Tips. We also provide interesting techniques (how do you shape a loaf of bread?) and informative tips (what can I use instead of baking powder?) to help you become a better baker. Your friends and family will thank you for the great desserts, snacks, and even entire meals you share with them from our recipe collection. Check out Best Baking Tips.



VG brings you healthy vegan recipes and food information. In addition, we’ve included some great information on the relationship between health issues and food choices. The globetrotter references that the recipes represent authentic cuisine choices from all over the world. It’s a site in development; recipes added often! Looking for a specific recipe or cuisine? Send your requests there!



Houseplants bring joy to many. In addition, they offer incredible health benefits. At HPJ, I help you find the best plants for your home. We also look at containers, potting mixes, bug control, and more. As a new site, it is in its growth phase!



Our family considers our pets as part of our family. We know many others feel the same about their fur and feather friends. PC strives to help you connect closely with your pets, understand their behaviors, and find products that help you help them. However, this is not a sales site. We encourage readers to find great products at a trusted local pet store.



Many of us find ourselves as caregivers for our elderly parents. Doctors help with medical concerns, but caregivers need more. We offer insight from actual experience. Connect with SP site if caregiving is part of your life now or soon.



While I love Christmas and all the special meanings and festivities, CCM offers a year-round look at the country lifestyle. However, our urban and suburban readers enjoy much of the content, too. We cover an eclectic mix of gardening, homeschooling and other options, family life, and more. A few healthy vegetarian recipes make their way in, as well!


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