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Fanta Sillah

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We’ve been planning a Special Event to introduce Fanta to her American followers when she travels to the USA. 

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Gambian Artist

Fanta Sillah

Fanta lives in Yonna Village in The Gambia with her family. While she hopes to study to become a nurse, her natural artistic talents give her a source of expression. She has never studied art curriculum and has no professional materials; yet her artwork shows amazing emotions and draws the viewer into her world in this tiny village in West Africa.

Her art illustrates her emotions and life, but she also hopes it will provide the financial resources for her to attend college to complete her RN degree at an American college. 

Profits from the sale of her artwork will be used to pay for college expenses for Fanta and her brother, Saikou.


It’s about the journeymine and yours–

and the lives we can touch, the legacy we can leave,

and the world we can change for the better. 

—Tony Dungy

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Meet the Artist!

We are planning a very special event to welcome Fanta to America when she comes to study. 

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