December 16 is the day!

Living By Faith, A Journey of Faith, Family, and Fortitude will be released on Monday, December 16. This literary nonfiction book tells the story of a teenage boy’s journey led by faith. Saikou, with his mother, and his younger sister strive to survive when his father dies in a tragic accident.

Often going hungry, the family searches for food in the forest, gathering berries, fruit, and other vegetation. Despite struggling with starvation and lack of basic essentials, Saikou manages to complete his schooling with very good grades. However, even with his graduation certificate, he cannot find a job in their impoverished rural area. He spends his days in search of food and a way to support his family.

Pre-Buy Living By Faith before the December 16 release.

Available on Amazon and other fine retailers, Living By Faith is also available in a deluxe edition, exclusively at KannCeptualCreations. 



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